Active Ageing

At Tapas, we have redefined the meaning and concept behind ‘ageing’. This concept is in line with the Vedic tradition of Vānaprastha (Sanskrit: वानप्रस्थ), where the older generation passes the torch of all duties and responsibilities to the younger generation and embarks on a new journey.
Our focus with ‘Active Ageing is to let them rediscover their own self and enjoy a carefree life. These are elderly who are able to remain independent and active, but need a helping hand. It is a solution for your loved ones where they can live independently with personalised care services.


Once the elder generation has unburdened themselves from the load of all duties and responsibilities that they have carried out throughout their life, we believe it is their right to retire from active life and move towards a life that is more peaceful and carefree.
At Tapas, we respect their right on their age and encourage them to find their own self post retirement. We uplift them to focus on their own likes, preferences and choices.
The mind of an elderly person is exactly like that of a child, where they have demands, dreams, desires and wishes that may or may not have been fulfilled in their younger days due to the pressure and load of other worldly duties. At this age, they need mental support the most and also have that innate desire to fulfill all their unfulfilled dreams and wishes.
We completely respect that at Tapas and an entire wing is formed keeping this concept in mind to support the elderly end-to-end in their will and wish to live life on their terms and conditions, peacefully and carefree.

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Structured and well planned activities

The entire day’s schedule is designed in such a way that the residents get a chance to engage themselves in multiple stimulating and enriching experiences and also get an opportunity to fulfill their desires; be it nurturing a hobby, language, art, music etc.


Blooming friendships

The residents make new friends and have people around to interact and enjoy with. These friendships work wonders for their mental and emotional stability, thereby improving their overall quality of life. It is a home away from home.


Holistic nurturing

At Tapas, the mantra is to nurture their bodies, feelings, emotions and mental health. We ensure that they live their life to the optimum by keeping them active, positive and relaxed.


Imbibing acceptance

We encourage them to accept the ailments that come with age and stay happy and content. Our aim is to improve their quality of life and help them prioritise their own selves.


Well established medical services

 We have a wide variety of  end-to-end routine as well as emergency services available 24X7 to help any medical situation that may arise.

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We encourage them to live and celebrate life actively. We see new friendships blooming, new learnings taking place, all festivals and traditions celebrated.

They are motivated to live for themselves and find their innate self!

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