From the Director

Tapas Elder Care had its inception 5 years ago when Mrs. Prajakta Wadhavkar had a unique vision for senior care. Single-handedly, she founded Tapas as a residential facility which proliferated into an exceptional success. She believes that taking care of the ‘Older Generation’ is our social responsibility.
Prajakta is expanding her horizons with a new counselling centre for the mental well-being of senior citizens. It encompasses testing and treatment along with brain-stimulating activities to address every challenge in ageing.
As a social entrepreneur and a mother of two daughters, Prajakta is an unprecedented example of success in this field today.

Visiting Doctors / Consultants

This might be the most difficult stage of dementia to cope with as a loved one. Assisted living might be a great choice at this stage.

  • Dr. Aditya Patil – Psychiatrist
  • Dr. Anagha Karve – Psychiatrist
  • Dr. Avinash Kulkarni – MD Medicine
  • Dr. Pradeep Kulkarni – Palliative Expert
  • Dr. Pallavi Kasande – PhD Family Counselling
  • Dr. Farzana Mulla – Neuro Psychiatrist
  • Dr. Archana Ranade – Neuro Physio Therapist
  • Dr. Shridhar Chiplunkar – Orthopedic Consultant
  • Dr. Avanti Damle – Dietitian
  • Dr. Madhavi Mehendale – Eye Surgeon
  • Dr. Amit Mungale  – MD. Homeopathy
  • Dr. Anjali Deosthalwarv 

Tapas Team