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Culture of Care

TAPAS is a social organisation focused on holistic care of senior citizens in our society.
TAPAS is a residential care home dedicated to all aspects of ageing with an innovative approach towards emotional well being along with medical care , psychological and physical therapies and social activities .
In Sanskrit, the ardent, focused self transcending passion is defined as TAPAS.
The Vedas revere TAPAS as an unsurpassed creative force.
The ethos of the organisation is the empathy and integrity of care dedicated towards QUALITY OF LIFE.

Tapas's best services

TAPAS has created a niche in care of senior citizens with its unique design of care. Focused care ensures the right kind of care with a team of medical experts, therapists, trained caregivers, facilitators etc.

Tapas Dementia Care

This setup at Balewadi, Pune is focused on psychological and neurological disorders with ageing . Residents are provided with attendants, counselors, relevant activities, structured routine, diet, medical treatments and monitoring.
Focused training of staff team , and experienced experts is the strength of Tapas Dementia Care.
Counselling of family members and educational workshop help them too.

Tapas Palliative care & Nursing home

A complete well equipped set up for palliative care and bedridden patients . We have a completely dedicated team of doctors ,trained nurses, counselors and therapists for palliative care.
To make each day worth while and comfortable for our residents is the mission. Monitoring, systematic reporting etc along with physio therapy ,music therapy , spiritual sessions are therein features of palliative care.
Post Operative Care is done with utmost discipline with physicians, dietitian, nurses, therapists etc.

Tapas Active Ageing Care Home

Independent and fit elders enjoy staying at TAPAS .
Their well being is monitored by counselors / and medical experts.
The whole care team is residential and dedicated to the daily activities of our residents.
Learning activities, cultural programmers, interesting therapies, and fun completes our design of care. Medical monitoring and counselling is done by our doctors’ panel .
Emotional well being, meaningful socialization and productive ageing is the vision of TAPAS active ageing care home.

Tapas provides best facilities for you!

At Tapas, we believe in assisting our patrons/residents to live a full life, filled with positivity and respect. 

To help our residents live a full life, we offer them personalised care, timely counselling facilities, emergency medical care and medical assistance, pleasing and aesthetic surroundings topped with a team of highly qualified medical experts.

A single step towards happiness begins with helping our people

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