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This summer has been the severe-most and it has been challenging for us , at Tapas , from medical perspective as well as the psychological perspective to keep up the well being of all our residents.
The common ageing problems like hydration/sodium levels , diet ,mood swings, the summer heat/ environment changes pose different challenges in taking care of our aaji-ajobas who stay at Tapas as well as who have joined our DAY-CARE- HOME.
The structured routine , well-planned diet , relevant activities , appropriate changes in the routine therapies , and articulated cultural programmers made this summer very interesting at TAPAS.
Assertively , I encourage creative activities with a focused objective of quality-care and creativity . I realize that I insist on introduction of innovative ideas every month from all members of TAPAS Team . I set deadlines for them too😍 The brain-storming sessions , the meetings and rigorous training sessions are focused on improvisation and micro-management of CARE.
The HAPPINESS-QUOTIENT that we experience with our residents , through all these activities , makes it all worth it !
The cheer of my team , the overwhelming response of our residents and TAPAS-Families is a reward that we receive every-day !!🤩
Traditional Haldi-Kunku , a get-together of families and our team set a heartwarming beginning to this month of MAY.
Colourful ICE-GOLA , brightens up the memories of childhood, the complete feel of a street-stall for ice-gola is set up by my team and aaji-ajobas enjoyed the colours to the fullest….
POT-ICE CREAM – the flavour of childhood fun and the process of it , is enjoyed to every bit….
PAPADS and KURDAI – An integral part of every household in India in the summer , making papads together and stocking it up for the year.. the nostalgia is beyond words.
AAM-RAS and puri every week was enjoyed to the brim !
This nostalgia makes us look forward to the Summers……..
When FUN itself becomes THERAPY 🌈